About Acrobits Push Notifications

Acrobits Softphone and Groundwire push notifications enable the users to receive calls even when the application is not actively running.

Acrobits push notifications work by registering your SIP account on our SIP Instance Server (SIPIS) whenever you exit the application, whether it is moved to the background or closed. To your SIP provider or PBX, this registration, like other registrations, makes you available for calls. When SIPIS receives an INVITE for an incoming call, it notifies Apple, which then sends a push notification to your device. Upon accepting the push notification, the application opens, and SIPIS connects the call to your device. The SIP traffic continues to be routed through SIPIS, while the audio stream goes directly to the device.


If you have any questions about the compatibility of Acrobits push notifications, create a ticket on Acrobits Help Desk at acrobits.net/support/.

Push Notifications Benefits

While most SIP clients support either push notifications or multitasking only for iOS, Acrobits supports both options.


Many users tend to confuse the concepts of push notifications and multitasking. They work differently in handling calls when the softphone is not in the foreground.

To learn about the comparison of push notifications and multitasking, go to faq.acrobits.net/push-notifications-or-multitasking.

We recommend using push notifications for these two main reasons:

  • Better battery life
    Relying on push notifications places less strain on the device's battery since SIPIS maintains your SIP account registration on behalf of the application on the device.
  • Device system resources
    Enabling multitasking means the application is always in use, even when in the background which may impact the optimal performance of the phone. Additionally, using push notifications aligns with the iOS design and resource management principles. While iOS supports multitasking, it is not primarily intended for apps to run persistently in the background.

Push Notifications Considerations 

You may not be able to use push notifications on your Acrobits Softphone and Groundwire under the following conditions:

  • The SIP server cannot be reached from the public internet.
    SIPIS needs to be able to register your account, those with a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) with a configuration that does not allow you to register from the public internet are unable to use push notifications.
    Note: If you encounter a firewall issue and need information about the IPs that SIPIS registers from, reach out to the Acrobits support team to get the information.
  • Your infrastructure has strict security policies.
    The softphone ensures secure transmission of account details to SIPIS through an HTTPS secure connection. Most users need not worry about security, except for those companies with a PBX and very strict security policies.
    • SIPIS is highly secure, and there have been no security issues reported.
    • Show this article to your PBX administrator as it explains how Acrobits push notifications work to let them determine and evaluate this feature.
    • The security considerations apply to the use of push notifications only and do not extend to multitasking. 


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