Push Notifications or Multitasking?

Push notifications are the recommended choice for most users. However, use multitasking (Standard mode) if push notifications are not feasible due to SIP provider restrictions, local network accessibility, or special security requirements.

Users can choose between Push notifications and Standard registration for Acrobits Softphone or Groundwire on iOS:

  • Push notifications - The application registers the user's account from the server when it goes into the background and listens for incoming calls.
  • Standard - This option is for multitasking, where the application remains registered even when in the background and continues to receive calls until it is completely closed.

Exceptions for Standard Registration

Acrobits recommends using Push notifications for incoming calls. However, use Standard if you are in one of these three specific situations:

  • SIP provider registration location restriction - Our servers that register your account for push notifications are in the US. If your SIP provider does not allow registration locations outside your country, then push notifications are not working for you. This is rare as most providers allow registration from anywhere.
    • Possible solution: Contact the SIP provider to add the IPs for the push servers to the allowlist.
  • Locally reachable PBX only - If the SIP server is only reachable from the local network, you are unable to use push notifications.
  • Strict security requirements - Some companies might have security policies against sending account details to external servers. SIPIS is highly secure, and there have been no security issues reported.
    • Possible solution: Contact us and we can explain how Acrobits push notifications work to let them determine and evaluate this feature.


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