Activating Push Notifications

1. Go to settings->incoming calls and select 'Push Notifications'. * 

2. Go back to the keypad and make sure your account still registers. 

3. Close Acrobits Softphone (or Groundwire) and go to the iPhone settings.

4. Tap on Notifications, then the icon for Softphone (or Groundwire).

5. Verify that Allow Notifications is on. 

6. Make sure either Banners or Alerts is selected for Alert style. We recommend Alerts over Banners since we feel the behavior more closely matches the way a VoIP phone should behave. But it should work with either.

7. Make sure you have the following.

Allow Notifications: on
Show in Notification Center: on
Sounds: on
Badge App Icon: on
Show on Lock Screen: on

You should then receive push notifications for incoming calls when Acrobits Softphone is closed.

*Incoming call settings can also be managed in the advanced settings of the SIP Account if you want to use different settings for different accounts.

***Important Note***
Push Notifications will only work if your SIP Account can register from the public internet. For example, if you use a PBX with a private ip for the domain, Push Notifications will not work.