For Android, Acrobits Softphone and Groundwire default to running in the background. The Start Softphone After Boot, Confirm Exit, and Show Persistent Notifications settings can be helpful. On iOS, multitasking works but may not be battery-efficient.


Acrobits recommends using Push notifications for incoming calls.

Multitasking on Android

The application can run in the background by default. Select the device Home or Back button to close the softphone from the foreground. The application continues to run in the background and you can continue to receive calls.

To completely close the softphone, drag the notification panel down from the top of the screen, select the drop-down arrow of this application, and then select Exit.

Multitasking on iOS

The VoIP method for backgrounding is deprecated in iOS 10 and newer, and users have two options for receiving calls when the app is not open or in the foreground:

  • Push notifications
    A preferred option for most users due to its efficiency and the CallKit feature.
  • Standard (formerly known as Keep Device Awake)
    You have to use the Standard registration if you fall into one of the conditions listed in the Exceptions for Standard Registration section at This method is noted to be more demanding on the battery.

For more information, go to the following pages:

Android Multitasking-Related Settings

When the Standard option is selected for Incoming Calls, note that there are three settings related to multitasking:

  • Select Android Settings icon > Settings > Preferences > Automation
    • Start softphone after boot (disabled - default) - Enable this to open the application in the background every time the device is powered on.
      Note: This does not work if the application runs from the SD card.
  • Select Android Settings icon > Settings > Preferences > Controls
    • Confirm exit (enabled- default) - Serves as an additional step to confirm the decision to close the application. A confirmation dialogue box displays when selecting Exit in the notification panel to close the application.
    • Show persistent notifications (disabled - default) - Displays the application's notification in the notification panel to indicate the application is running in the background. This option is applicable when one of the SIP accounts is set as Standard for the Incoming Calls setting.