Audio Issues on Push Notifications

Troubleshoot audio issues using steps from the Audio and Call Quality Issues articles at If issues persist, try enabling or disabling the Stimulate NAT setting. For unresolved issues, submit a ticket to the Acrobits support team.

To troubleshoot audio issues related to push notifications, refer to the following articles based on the nature of the audio issue experienced:

Troubleshooting in Push Options

If the issue persists despite trying the solutions in the articles above, adjust the Simulate NAT setting in Push Options.

  1. To open the SIP account's Push Options:
    • Android devices - Select Android Settings icon > Settings > Accounts > the desired SIP account > Advanced Settings > Push Options
    • iOS devices - Open the Keypad tab, select iOS Setting icon > SIP Accounts or Accounts > the desired SIP account > Incoming Calls > Push Options.
  2. Configure the Simulate NAT setting:
    Simulate NAT setting Action
    On Disable it. Select a check icon or Done. 
    Off Enable it. Select a check icon or Done. 

If the configurations in step 2 do not help, enable Simulate NAT, and then select a check icon or Done. Next, send a SIP log and then submit a ticket to the Acrobits support team. Include a note that the issue is specific to push notifications in the ticket.


For 1und1 users, you have to disable Simulate NAT.

The steps to send a captured SIP log and submit a ticket are available in one of the article links above.