No Outgoing Audio on iOS

When outgoing VoIP calls have no sound, check microphone permission and test the codec. If none works, enable SIP logging, restart the app, reproduce the issue with a call, and send the captured SIP log to our support team.

"The call connects and I can hear the other party, but they cannot hear me."

The following table provides initial troubleshooting solutions for the one-way audio issue in VoIP calls on Groundwire and Acrobits Softphone.

Step Possible cause(s) Actions
1 Microphone permission disabled

iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, or iPad) with iOS7 or newer versions:

    1. Open the device Settings.
    2. Select Privacy and Security > Microphone.
    3. If disabled, enable Microphone for Acrobits app.
2 Codecs related problems Test each codec in Codecs for Wi-Fi or Codecs for Mobile Data:
    1. Open the Keypad tab, select iOS Setting icon > SIP Accounts or Accounts.
    2. Select Advanced Settings.
    3. Select Codecs for Wi-Fi or Codecs for Mobile Data, depending on the one you are using.
    4. Disable all but one codec at a time to identify potential codec-related problems.
      Note: Ensure Force Packet Time is off.
    5. Test different settings in Packet Times.
    6. Select Done to save the setting.
Repeat steps 2(d) to 2(f) for each codec to see if any of the codecs can resolve the issue.
3 None of the above

If the issue persists after trying steps 1 and 2, proceed with the following steps.

    1. To enable SIP logging, open the Keypad tab, select iOS Setting icon > Preferences > enable Log SIP Traffic > Done.
    2. Exit the softphone and open it again.
    3. Place a call to confirm whether the issue persists. This step captures the event in the SIP log.
    4. To retrieve and send the captured SIP log file to, open the Keypad tab, select iOS Setting icon > Preferences SIP Log > Share.
    5. To submit a support ticket, open the Keypad tab, select iOS Setting icon > Help > Contact Support.

    6. In the ticket, include the following note:
      • Your name.
      • You have tried the steps in this article.
      • A SIP log is sent.

Note: If the problem is specific to 3G, state this in the support ticket. Some cellular data providers might not handle SIP well over 3G, and certain issues, like STUN queries, may fail. Providing this information can help the troubleshooting process.