Voicemail and Push Notifications Setup for Groundwire

Groundwire supports voicemail with features like notification alerts, a dedicated button for quick access from the keypad, and push notifications for new messages. However, this feature works only if your SIP provider offers voicemail services.


  • Ensure your SIP provider offers voicemail for this feature to work.
  • Acrobits Softphone does not support voicemail.

Groundwire has several voicemail features:

  • SIP voicemail notification
  • A programmable voicemail button for direct access from the Keypad tab
  • Push notification for voicemail.

Voicemail Notification

Voicemail notification is enabled by default in Groundwire. If your provider supports this feature and when you have voicemail messages, the application displays the number of waiting messages next to the SIP account icon at the top left screen when you open Groundwire.

Voicemail Button

By default, a voicemail button appears on the Keypad tab only when the application has voicemail messages waiting.

Enabling the Voicemail Button

To set the button appears always on the Keypad tab:

  1. To open the Controls setting:

    • Android devices - Select Android Settings icon > Settings > Preferences > Controls.
    • iOS devices - Open the Keypad tab, select iOS Setting iconPreferences > Controls.
  2. Enable Always show voicemail button.

Setting a Voicemail Number

To set the button to dial the voicemail number for a SIP account:

  1. To open the Account screen:

    • Android devices - Select Android Settings icon > Settings > Accounts.
    • iOS devices - Open the Keypad tab, select iOS Setting icon >Accounts.

  2. Select the desired SIP account.

  3. Select Advanced settings.

  4. In the Voicemail number field, fill in the required number.

  5. Select a check icon or Done to save the setting.

Push Notification for Voicemail

Push notifications for waiting voicemails work only under two conditions:

  • When voicemail notification also works when Groundwire is open.
  • Push notifications is selected in the Incoming Calls settings.


Enabling Push Notification for Voicemail

To push notification for voicemail for a SIP account:

  1. Open the SIP account's Push Options:
    • Android devices - Select Android Settings icon > Settings > Accounts > the desired SIP account > Advanced Settings > Push Options
    • iOS devices - Open the Keypad tab, select iOS Setting iconAccounts > the desired SIP account > Incoming Calls > Push Options.
  2. Enable Push Voicemail.

  3. Select a check icon or Done to save the setting.