Voicemail on Groundwire

Groundwire has several voicemail features. We use the standard method for voicemail notification in SIP and your provider must support it for these features to work.

Groundwire supports voicemail notification and also has a programmable voicemail button that allows you to check your voicemail directly from the keypad. We also support voicemail notification by push notification. (Please note, the voicemail features are only available in Groundwire, not Acrobits Softphone)

Voicemail notification is active by default and requires no adjustment on Groundwire. As long as your provider supports voicemail notification, you will see a badge with the number of waiting messages next to the name of your SIP Account at the top left shortly after opening Groundwire.

By default, a voicemail button will appear on the keypad when you have voicemail waiting. If you would like the button to always show, tap on settings, then preferences, then controls. Turn 'Always Show Voicemail Button' on, then tap done. You'll also likely need to program the button to dial the correct number for voicemail for your provider. Tap on Settings, then SIP Accounts, then your SIP Account. Tap on advanced settings and enter the number for the button to dial in the 'Voicemail Number' field. Be sure to save the change.

We also support push notifications for waiting voicemail* (this will only work if voicemail notification also works when Groundwire is open). Tap on settings, then SIP Accounts, then your SIP Account. Tap on incoming calls, then push options. Turn Push Voicemail on. Be sure to save the change.

* only works if you are using push notifications for incoming calls. If you use the multitasking capabilities of Groundwire for incoming calls, Push Voicemail will not work.

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