Using Call Recording

Call Recording enables you to record SIP calls made from the Softphone or Groundwire. It's quite simple to use, just tap on the record button on the in call screen. But there are also some additional features for Call Recording that you might find useful. 

Tap on settings, then preferences, then call recording.

Record all calls allows you to record all calls automatically. No need to use the record button.

Multichannel creates separate tracks for every participant in the call. This will take up more space. Please note, it will only create separate tracks, not separate files. You will need your own sound editing software if you want to separate the tracks.

Delete After controls how long before the calls are automatically deleted. 

You can also remove the warning beep. Be aware that many local, state or national governments have laws regarding the recording of calls. It it your responsibilty, not Acrobits', to be aware of and comply with the laws that apply to you. 

You can access the call recordings through the History in the Softphone or Groundwire. 

Go to the History and tap on the blue arrow next to any call or group that has a tape icon. This takes you to the call details. Tap on the tape icon to access the recording. From here you can playback, delete or email the recording (5MB max). You can also protect the recording from deletion. This prevents the recording from being automatically deleted by the Delete After setting. 

You can also download recordings through Web Access. Web Access also has no restrictions as far as the size of the file you can download. Check out the article below.

You can also use iTunes file sharing to transfer recorded calls.  This is the fastest way if you record a lot of calls.  Check out this link.

Update: the fastest way to transfer multiple recorded calls is using iTuned file sharing.  Check out this link for details.