Unable to Place Calls

Calling issues groundwire and softphone

There are a couple features of Acrobits Softphone and Groundwire that are not supported by all providers and can cause an error when placing a call through providers that don't support them. The first thing to do is make sure you are not using these features.

1. Tap on settings, then incoming calls. Make sure incoming calls are not off. Then go to the advanced settings of the SIP Account and make sure that incoming calls are not off their either. If incoming calls are off, the application does not register your account. Some providers will not allow you to make calls unless you are registered. (If your account will not register after you turn incoming calls back on, you probably have entered your provider's settings or username and password incorrectly)

2. Then go to the advanced settings and delete anything in the caller id field. The caller id feature changes the invite. This change can cause issues making calls with some providers.

Next, a mistakenly entered dialing rule could cause an issue. (dialing rules are not yet supported in the Android version, Android users can skip this step)

1. Tap on settings, then preferences, then number rewriting. Delete any rules you may have there.

2. Go back to settings, tap on SIP Accounts, then your SIP Account, then advanced settings. Tap on number rewriting and delete any rules there as well.

If the call rings, but disconnects as soon as the call is connected, the issue may be that there are no audio codecs in common. 

1. Tap on settings, then SIP Accounts, then your SIP Account. Tap on advanced settings, then either codecs for wifi or codecs for 3G (whichever you're using). Enable all the codecs. Then save the change. 

If this fixes the issue, you should contact your SIP provider to find out which audio codecs they support. 

If you still have an issue, try altering the dialing format you are using. Try dialing the number as an international number with +, an international number with 00, as a local number, etc. Oftentimes you will need to dial a number differently from a SIP line than you would from a landline or a cellular phone.

Important note: If you receive a recorded error message, you may need to contact your provider. You should go through the steps above to be sure, but a recorded error message usually means a problem on the providers side.

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