Android Menu Button

Select the Menu icon in Acrobits Softphone and Groundwire to access various settings, including managing preferences, quick dials, call logs, account(s), SIP logs, and accessing our support ticketing system.


The Menu icon Android Settings icon (1) applies to Android applications only.

Mane button in Acrobits Softphone and Groundwire

Select the Menu icon (1) to navigate to the following features within the application:

  • On all tabs, select Settings:
    • Account settings - SIP and/or GSM accounts
    • Notifications - Global push notifications and device notifications settings.
    • Program settings - Application preferences, add-ons, device permission settings
    • Troubleshooting (not visible by default) - SIP log retrieval
    • Information - Additional resources about the application
  • On the Quickdials tab - Quick dials display and management
  • On the History tab - Call logs management
  • (Groundwire only) On the Messages tab - Conversation history management.