Call Recording on Android

One of the most popular features in Acrobits Softphone is Call Recording. In this article, we'll review the preferences for call recording, show you how to record calls and show you how to access them later. We'll start with the call recording preferences.

From the keypad, tap on settings, then preferences, then call recording. 

Record All Calls - If this is checked, all calls on the softphone wil be automatically recorded. But you can still stop the recording of individual calls while you are on the call.

Mutichannel - When checked, all parties on the call wil have a separate track in the wav file. Keep in mind this will take more space on the sd card. Please note, This only creates separate tracks, not files. If you need to separate the tracks, you will need some type of sound editing software. 

Delete After - Select a time for how long before your recordings will automatically deleted. You can set them to delete anywhere from one week after you made the recording to six month. If you don't want the recording to be deleted automatically, just set to keep forever.

Warning Beep - Checked by default, uncheck here to remove the warning beep that will occur every 15 seconds on a recorded call. Important Note: Many countries and/or states have laws governing call recording. It is your responsibility to be aware of and comply with the laws of your area. Acrobits is not responsible if removing the warning beep puts you in violation of any laws. 

Tap on Save at the bottom of the screen to apply any changes.

Next, we'll go over how to record a call.

While on a call, just tap on the record button to start recording. A red light will appear on the button and you will see a timer for the recording and another red light close to the top of the screen to indicate that the call is being recorded. Just tap the record button to stop recording. You can also tap the record button to stop recording if you have Record All Calls checked in the preferences.

Finally, we'll go over how to access the recordings. 

Recordings will be stored in the location /sdcard/Music/android.softphone.acrobits/recordings/x/xxxxxxxxx.wav (with the 'x'es being a random series of letters and numbers). Please note, they will be stored on the sdcard and if you change the sdcard without transferring them to you Mac or PC, you will lose them.

But you can also acces the recording directly from the softphone and save them with a more user friendly file name.

First, go to history. If it is an individual call in the history, just tap where you see the tape icon. If the recorded call was part of a group of calls (a series of call to the same number), you'll first need to expand the group by clicking on the arrow at the left, then tap on the tape icon for the call with the recording you want to access. 

Now tap on Access Recording. 

From this screen, you can play the call in the softphone or open it in your media player on the device (provided your native media player supports wav). You can also copy it to a different location with a name you specify. Finally, you can email shorter recordings if you have a mail client and the recording is less than 5MB.