Troubleshooting Device Specific Push Notifications Issues on Android

The initial steps for the Android Cloud Softphone app include reviewing online resources specific to the model, checking battery-saving settings, and using the Don't Kill My App app. If issues persist, submit a support ticket through the web portal.

"I encounter push notification issues on an Android device only, but other phones are fine."

The issue is likely is most likely due to device-specific Android settings.

Recommended Actions

Here are some initial troubleshooting suggestions for device-specific issues related to push notifications on Android:

  • Search online for solutions to find relevant information specific to the device model.
  • Use the Don't Kill My App app.
    Go to for more information.
  • In general, battery-saving and security features on the device are the primary causes. Therefore, disable any settings related to battery saving, limiting background app usage, or restricting network access for the Cloud Softphone application.


The article at provides instructions to disable battery optimization for certain Android devices. You may use it as a reference for the Cloud Softphone although it is intended for our other retail applications.

Note: Not all devices are listed.

  • If issues persist on that user's device, go to the Cloud Softphone portal at, select your softphone project, and then create a support ticket that includes the following notes:
    • A description of the issue
    • Steps taken to try to fix the issue.