Cloud Softphone Provisioning Methods

Acrobits Cloud Softphone portal is the default provisioning tool that generates a single configuration for all desired Softphone endpoints (devices). The external provisioning method is also available for Cloud Softphone project owners.

Acrobits offers two provisioning methods for Cloud Softphone projects:

  • The Cloud Softphone portal at
    • Besides being the platform for the softphone project owners to create their applications, the Cloud Softphone portal also acts as the primary provisioning method for distributing and managing the application on various devices.
    • This portal is user-friendly and intuitive, even for non-technical users who have a limited understanding of the SIP.
  • External provisioning


Refer to Acrobits documentation at for more information.

    • For project owners who are looking for more granular and targeted provisioning methods, this method works similarly to provisioning methods used for hardware phone endpoints.
    • It involves the use of an XML file to configure settings.