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Generic Cloud Softphone vs. White Label

With the White-Label bundles, you get a custom-branded application available on the App Store and Google Play. The generic Cloud Softphone is a standard softphone with the option to display your branding after the initial provisioning process.

Choose the right option depending on your need when creating a softphone on the Cloud Softphone portal at providers.cloudsoftphone.com:

  • The White-Label application:
    • The White Label bundles allow you to create an application that is completely rebranded to match your company's identity.
    • Your company appears as the application developer, and your customers can find the app under your brand name in the Apple App Store and Android Google Play.
    • The services include our developers providing updates and support under your brand.
  • The generic Cloud Softphone application:
    • Upon download and installation, this application displays its original name Cloud Softphone. Your company branding becomes visible within the application once the initial provisioning process is completed.
    • Most bundles, except the High Security, use this generic application.
    • You can upgrade or downgrade between bundles, including switching to the White-Label option at any point.


Go to the following links to download the generic Cloud Softphone application:


To learn more about Acrobits White Label bundles, read the article Pick the Best Cloud Softphone Bundle for Your Company acrobits.net/blog/softphones/best-cloud-softphone-bundle-for-your-company/ for more information.