Can I take simultaneous calls on the native phone and Softphone / Groundwire?

These apps accept and switch regular and SIP calls smoothly with the help of iOS CallKit. For Android, performance varies across devices. Evaluate call quality and, if necessary, make adjustments in Call Integration settings or disable integration.

On iOS, Acrobits Softphone and Groundwire work with the built-in CallKit, allowing users to take simultaneous native and SIP calls, including accepting and switching between native and SIP calls with no issues.
For Android, Acrobits Softphone and Groundwire use the Call integration feature to manage simultaneous native and SIP calls. However, it is not a perfect solution yet due to Android fragmentation and the performance varies across devices. Some devices might have issues, and not all issues can be fixed.

Android Call Integration

After setting call integration, it is expected that users can answer and switch between native and SIP calls. However, the exact behavior may vary depending on your device.

If you face issues in concurrent calls, try other options in Call integration based on call quality, device, and preferences. To do so, select Android Settings icon > Settings > Preferences > Call integration.

The Call integration options:
  • Default (Android 9 and newer):
    • The most reliable option
    • Using the app's dialer for calls
    • Still prone to device-specific issues
  • System dialer integration (Android 9 and newer):

    • Using the native phone dialer for calls

    • More prone to issues than Default

  • Disabled (All Android versions):


If you choose to disable call integration, go to the following Additional Call Integration Disabled Settings section for further settings related to app behavior during regular (GSM) and SIP calls.

    • Turns off call integration if other options cause issues
    • Not a perfect solution; needs to decide which call to continue and end the other.

Additional Call Integration Disabled Settings

After selecting Disabled in the Call integration setting, you need to further configure settings related to application behavior to ensure proper concurrent call operation.

On the Call integration screen, select Back to return to the Preferences screen. Then, select Controls > GSM call settings. Configure the following:

  • On GSM call - Defines the behavior of the app when receiving GSM calls while on a SIP call:
    • Do nothing
    • Put call on hold (default)
    • Play message
    • Play music
    • Hold with music.
  • On SIP call - Define the behavior of the app when receiving SIP calls while on a GSM call:

    • Do nothing (default)
    • Reject call.
  • Handle GSM call when - Defines the situation for the chosen action for a GSM call:
    • Ringing
    • Answered.