Setting up a SIP Account

After purchasing Acrobits Softphone or Groundwire from the App Store or Google Play, set up your SIP account in Settings > Accounts to start using the softphone.

To start using Acrobits Softphone or Groundwire, you need at least one voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) account. Get one from a SIP provider if you do not have one yet.

To set up one in the application:

  1. On the Main screen:

    • Android devices - Select Android Settings icon > Settings > Accounts.

    • iOS devices - Open the Keypad tab, select iOS Setting icon > SIP Accounts or Accounts.

  2. On the Accounts screen, select the + icon.

  3. Select the name of your provider on the preconfigured list.

  4. Enter your username and password in the text fields.

  5. (Optional) If your provider's name is not on the list, select the Generic SIP Account or New SIP Account option, and then enter a title, your username, password, and SIP domain in the text fields.
    Tips: The Title set here is displayed as the SIP service icon on the Main screen. This setting helps users with multiple SIP accounts to identify the account being used. Single SIP account users can enter any text here.
  6. Select a check icon or Save.
    The new account is displayed on the Accounts screen.
  7. Select Back several times to return to the Main screen.

    The SIP service icon on the top left corner should appear in solid green which indicates the account is registered.

You are ready to make calls with the softphone now.