Setting Up Balance Check Web Service

To set up a custom web service for balance check in Acrobits Softphone and Groundwire, select Settings > Accounts > a desired account > Advanced Settings > Web Services, and then enter the URL in the Custom Balance Checker section.

Acrobits Softphone and Groundwire are hardcoded with balance check service for certain SIP and VoIP providers. However, for providers not covered or if you want to override the hardcoded setup, you need to set up your own web service to enable balance check.


This section applies to retail applications Acrobits Softphone and Groundwire.

For the Cloud Softphone project owners, include the web service URL in the Provisioning options when building your softphone application on the Cloud Softphone portal. Otherwise, the setup process is the same.

  1. To open the Web Services screen:

    • Android devices - Select Android Settings icon > Settings > Accounts > the desired SIP account > Advanced Settings > Web Services.

    • iOS devices - Open the Keypad tab, select iOS Setting icon > SIP Accounts or Accounts > the desired SIP account > Advanced Settings > Web Services.

  2. Go to the Custom Balance Checker section, and enter the URL of your web service.
  3. Use the GET method to send parameters to your web service.
  4. Select a check icon or Done.

Parameters Considerations

Use dynamic account-specific parameters.

For example, %account[username]% is replaced by the actual username, and %account[password]% is replaced by the actual password.

Important: The password can only be passed when using a secure protocol, such as the URL begins with https://. Or else, asterisks (*) are used as a placeholder, which is not working. As an alternative to insecure protocols, pass the SHA-1 hash of your password using the syntax %sha1(%account[password]%)%.

Return Format

Your custom web service should return a simple XML response. For example:





    In this example, $60.20 is the balance displayed to the user.