Push Server Expiration Notifications

It means the push registration for the application reaches the renewal time limit. To renew and continue receiving push notifications, open the app and allow the account to register. The push renewal process occurs every time you use the app.

When you receive a notification like the following, it means your application remains unused for some time.

Notification message Indications Action
Your account is still receiving calls, but will expire soon. Tap here or open the app to continue receiving Pushed calls.
  • The registration for push notifications expires soon.
  • This message prompts twice: 12 hours before and 1 hour before the registration expires.

Open the app.

Due to long inactivity, your account is no longer receiving calls. Tap here or open the app to continue receiving Pushed calls. The registration for push notifications is expired.

Android Groundwire push server expired notifications   iOS Acrobits Softphone push server almost expired notifications

The push registration of the application has a time limit if it remains unused for a specified period. The default duration is a week, but it can be adjusted for longer durations with a custom SIPIS installation. The purpose of this time limit is to prevent the app from registering the account indefinitely, especially if the app is deleted without a proper reset.

We have a way for silently renewing the push registration, but it might not always successfully awaken the app, especially if the push is not for a call and the app is not in the device's memory.

On iOS, if the app is not used in a week, iOS probably removes it from device memory, even if it appears in recently used apps. This can result in automatic renewal failure on iOS.

On Android, automatic renewal is generally more reliable, but failure can happen such as during a temporary network issue or when the device is off.

When silent renewal fails, you receive a push expiration notification.

To renew, open the app and wait for the account to register. Push is renewed every time the app is used.


If some issue occurs when the account registers for push, the expiration might happen sooner than the default time limit.