How can I publish my Cloud Softphone app to Google Play and App Store?

After completing the configuration, design, and features of your application on the web portal, select Submit for Review for Acrobits to review it. Upon successful payment, you can then build the necessary installation packages for publishing.

Cloud Softphone makes it easy for you to build and launch your app on either Google Play or the App Store.

When you are happy with your configuration settings, the overall design, and the features of your softphone, select the Submit for Review button. Your app is then to our QA team for review.

After the app is approved, a Pay button appears in the Action section for your softphone project. Select the Pay button and follow the instructions on the screen to make a payment. The accepted payment methods accepted on the Cloud Softphone web portal include prepaid accounts, PayPal, and credit cards.


For billing information, go to

If you want to pay with a bank transfer, we can create an invoice for you.

Once your payment is processed, your application is ready to go live. You can build the necessary APK or IPA binaries for publishing on the app stores.

Contact a member of our support team if you have any questions.