Is the G.729 codec included?

Yes, the G.729 codec is included in all of the Cloud Softphone feature bundles.

G.729 Annex A is a codec that offers high-quality audio even at low bandwidth.

Two main reasons to use G.729:

  • To improve overall call quality in circumstances where bandwidth is limited, such as 3G or a poor Wi-Fi connection.
  • To reduce data usage when using the softphone application.

About G.729 Codec

While using G.729 helps to improve audio quality in certain scenarios, this codec does not solve all audio issues, such as one-way or no audio, echo, or background noise.


If you are experiencing these audio issues, reach out to the Acrobits support team via the Cloud Softphone portal at

Check with your SIP providers if G.729 is supported. Most major providers do, but some may not or only support it in certain circumstances. If your provider does not support G.729, you are not able to use it with the application.