Cloud Softphone User Accounts Creation

The user accounts for your Cloud Softphone are created on your SIP server, not within the app or on the Cloud Softphone portal.

Cloud Softphone project owners do not manage user accounts directly and the user accounts are not created within the app or on the Cloud Softphone portal at

Testing Accounts Creation

When you need some testing accounts to test the softphone you are building on the Cloud Softphone portal, do one of the following:

  • Create accounts in the Testing account settings on the portal.
  • Use the QR code generator at to create as many QR codes for the testing accounts as you need.
    These QR codes make the login process quicker on the Login screen without manually entering a username and password.


QR codes simplify login but they are not equivalent to creating a user account. When your softphone application is published, create the actual SIP account credentials for your users on your SIP server for proper security control.