Can I make changes to the configuration of a published app in the future?

You can make changes to the configurations any time after the app goes live. However, adding a paid feature to your app incurs extra costs. The prices for the Cloud Softphone features are listed in the Price columns in the Features & Pricing section.

You can modify most configurations of your published app on the Cloud Softphone web portal at any point after release. For example, this includes adding a new logo or changing your SIP settings. However, introducing new paid features, such as a desktop application, which do not exist in the previous build, may result in additional charges.


Just exercise caution when you are reviewing your configurations in the Features & Pricing section:

  • Refer to the columns for Price per setup, Price per month, and Usage price for feature costs.
  • Review the pricing displayed in the Your feature cart window on the right of the screen before submitting the cart.