Betamax SMS

You can use Betamax services such as voipcheap, voipbuster, and actionvoip for SMS in Acrobits Softphone and Groundwire. Note domain matching, caller ID setup, and potential issues with the API when using multiple accounts on the same device.

The application detects Betamax providers based on the domain entered in your SIP account settings. The SMS tab then appears in the menu bar if the Betamax domain is detected, and the app uses the provider API to send and receive SMS messages.


For Betamax users:

  • Contact Acrobits support if the SMS tab is not visible after adding a Betamax provider's domain. We might miss new ones but we will add them in the future updates after receiving reports.
  • Send Acrobits a support ticket to get assistance if the SMS tab is visible but is unable to send SMS. Most providers work but some might not due to variations that make the SMS feature incompatible. The providers that do not work with SMS or balance checking are,, megavoip, and
  • (Groundwire only) Disable SIMPLE for Betamax accounts to simplify troubleshooting:
    • Android devices - Select Android Settings icon > Settings > Accounts > the desired SIP account > Advanced Settings > SIMPLE.
    • iOS devices - Open the Keypad tab, select iOS Setting icon > SIP Accounts or Accounts > the desired SIP account > Advanced Settings > SIMPLE.

  • Set up a proper caller ID if you do not want your SMS recipients to see a series of random numbers. Follow these steps to set a caller ID:
    1. Login to the Betamax account online.
    2. Go to the account settings, and then verify the numbers used for caller ID.
    3. Once verifying, set the caller ID obtained from step 2 in the application. 
      • Android - Select Android Settings icon > Settings Accounts > the SIP account > Advanced Settings > the Caller ID field.
      • iOS - Open the Keypad tab, select iOS Setting icon > SIP Accounts > the SIP account > Advanced Settings > the Caller ID field.
    4. On the same screen, set Caller Id Method to From Username.
    5. Select a check icon or Done.


  • Steps 1 and 2 might differ among Betamax providers.
  • This setting also sets the caller ID for VoIP calls.
  • The domain in the application must match the provider's domain.
    For SIP VoIP calls, Betamax provider domains are generally interchangeable. For example, someone can register a voipcheap account and make calls with actionvoip's domain or vice versa. But for SMS to work properly, the domain must be that of your provider.
  • For users with multiple Betamax accounts configured on the same device, the API for SMS and balance checking in Betamax may not work optimally as expected.
    • For example, if a user makes a mistake in one Betamax account's settings, the application may try to check the balance or send an SMS. This can lead to error responses and temporary IP blocking, affecting all the accounts on the device for SMS and balance checks.
    • In essence, this is a protective measure to prevent potential misuse or issues. The temporary block is usually lifted in an hour.
    • You are welcome to contact us if you have more information on this issue.