The app is crashing on android, how can we troubleshoot this?

If the issue is easily reproducible, then open a ticket in the cloud softphone web portal with the exact steps to reproduce it.  If it is not easily reproducible or specific to some device, a bug report is most likely to help.

First, you need to enable developer options.

Go to android settings, then about.  Then depending on the device, there will be an option there for build number or you may have to tap on something like software info.  Either way, when you find the build number in the about section, start tapping on it until it says You are now a developer.

Then, in the main android settings, there will now be an option for developer options.  Go there and confirm it is on and the take bug report option is there. 

Then just recreate the issue, then go back to developer options and select take bug report.  It will take a minute to compile, then you can email it to yourself and attach it here.

You can attach this when you open a ticket for the issue in the portal.