Build number 497

  • mmmsg (multimedia messaging) now supports in-app recording and sending of voice messages
  • web registration wizard URLs now support basic %placeholders%, which allows identification of app version, platform etc.
  • it's now possible to modify contact matching behaviour (take display name from SIP header, address book, quick dial etc. and specify in which order they should be checked)
  • more reliable removal of SIPIS account instance in case the app is reset
  • registration wizard can now also contain two web links
  • improved call recording: The recording can now be done in HD quality and stored in highly compressed .ogg (opus) files
  • contact source-specific number rewriters are now supported. This makes it possible to transform phone numbers in the given source using number rewriting rules
  • "internal" external provisioning. It is now possible to implement external provisioning as a LUA script and provision the script from CS portal. The app will execute the script internally and won't call any web server, making the process faster and more lightweight. Naturally this only makes sense if the external provisioning script is simple and does not need any server-side processing.
  • fixes for several GUI glitches, mostly related to iPhoneX screens