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Build number 432

  • greatly improved IPv6 compatibility. Several operators in Canada and USA deployed IPv6 in their cellular data networks and don't provide IPv4 anymore. Since most providers still use IPv4 for their SIP backends, some extra effort is needed to do the translation. If you have customers in USA or Canada, upgrade is highly recommended.
  • registration wizard can pass the selected country as a parameter to the web service. Before, only the phone number was passed, but there are cases when several countries share the same country code.
  • video preview panel was not correctly visible in some cases - fixed.
  • ZRTP cache was always cleared upon app relaunch. Users were asked for re-verification of the SAS repeatedly and unnecessarily.
  • web pages opened in embedded browser now properly respect target="_blank" attribute and open such links in the external browser.
  • iOS 3D touch now has a vibration feedback
  • birthdays in Contact Detail page were one day off (early). It was a timezone issue, some users might have not experienced this. However, it's fixed.
  • Farsi, French, German, and Vietnamese translation updates