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Android apps on Google Play - UPDATE NEEDED

Who: All providers which use Cloud Softphone White Label apps for Android must update their apps. For generic Cloud Softphone app, the issue was already resolved by us and no action is needed.

Google has announced a new, stricter policy for SMS Permissions. From January 9th 2019, only apps which are "Default SMS app" will be granted permission to read incoming SMS messages. All Cloud Softphone apps built before Nov 30 2018 make use of this permission to read incoming PIN code for phone number verification in registration wizard feature, to fill in the received PIN code without the user having to manually type it in. Even apps which don't use Registration Wizard are marked as needing this permission, even if it is not actually used.

This permission has been removed now in the Android apps built after Nov 30th. It is necessary to create a new APK and submit the update to Google Play.

You should create a new Editable version (if it doesn't exist already), build new white label app binaries, test them to make sure everything is working as expected and submit them for review. In case you are using the "Full Service" feature, this is all you need to do, we'll update the app on the store for you ourselves. If not, you will need to do upload and submit the update yourself after the app is approved.

The apps should be updated before Jan 9th 2019, otherwise Google may remove the apps from Google Play until the issue is resolved.

In case your white-label app uses registration wizard and the auto-fill feature for the PIN code, it will be disabled in the new build. It is still possible to support it, but now the SMS text must contain a special signature which makes Android recognize that the SMS belongs to your app. Please contact us for more details if you need this feature and we'll provide more details.

Thank you for your continuous support!